A global community for women and girls in Process Mining


We are the first global community for women in process mining. Our mission is to build a community for the most powerful women in process mining, to strengthen their leadership, magnify their influence, and pave the way for future women in process mining together. We help women connect, learn from each other and grow together.


We welcome everyone interested in process mining to join the community. This includes: executive champions, users, consultants, professors, researchers in the field of process mining, students, those who work for process mining companies and everyone who is interested in learning more about process mining. We hope that you will be an active member – sharing your experiences, learnings, and asking questions within the community to continue your professional growth and the growth of process mining.

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Mentorship Program

We believe in the power of networking and mentoring. Mutual support, caring and sharing is important to inspire and educate the next generation of women in technology. Mentoring can impact not only your professional career, but also your personal life and by extension your community. We believe both mentee and mentor can have an enriching experience through this process.


Are you just starting your process mining career or a process mining project? Become a mentee and learn from those we have traveled the road ahead.


Are you advanced in your process mining career or project work? Become a mentor to coach and support women as they are starting on their journey.

The biggest process mining community worldwide. Come join us.